My New Blogging Venture

mypicHi everyone, and welcome to the Lemonade blog!

I just thought I would introduce myself and explain a bit about why I have chosen to start this blog, and what I want to achieve from it.

My name is Deborah, a 35 year old Mum and part time care Assistant. I have an interest in natural health and beauty; I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner and I also sell natural skincare and make-up which is available to view HERE.
I am a plus size lady therefore I am interested in plus size fashion! I am also trying to lose weight at the moment with Slimming World so I will be sharing some recipes too.

I have always been a great believer that anybody can achieve their dreams, and that if you are unhappy with your life you have the power to change that. I still do believe these things, however, my bad health is really testing this theory. I have lupus which is an auto-immune disease, and this is making life very difficult for me at the moment. I have also suffered with my mental health for a long time, learning many coping techniques over the years, and I hope I can pass some of this knowledge on to my readers.

That is why I wanted to start writing this blog; I want to inspire others to achieve their dreams, I don’t want anyone to feel alone, I want people to learn to love and take care of themselves. Whatever obstacles life is throwing at you, wherever it is you want to be, we can do this!

We have all heard the saying ‘when life throws you lemons, make lemonade’ right? Well here I am making my own lemonade.. the Lemonade blog!

Deborah x



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