Don’t let a bad day be a bad week!

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Trying to be really good and stick to the plan, then something happens to spoil it all; either the cravings kick in and we find ourselves picking up the chocolate cake in Tesco or we have a day out and end up in Pizza Express… and then boom! We’ve blown it!

At this point we start beating ourselves up about eating the wrong things, about how fat we are etc etc. And then we start saying all the wrong things to ourselves, one being “I’ve ruined it now so what’s the point?” (I am writing this from experience by the way; this is a cycle I am trying hard to break for myself!).

Well there is a point! So what if you had the chocolate cake! So what if you had the pizza! We are only human! We are allowed to enjoy food and have treats just like the rest of them. The trick is to learn to put it behind you and carry on!

Take me for example. Yesterday we ended up with a takeaway for tea (and no, it wasn’t a healthy one), and I know tomorrow I have plans which are not going to allow me to stick to the plan – I am going shopping with my mum, we are having pork pies and mushy peas from the butchers, and then I am going out for a carvery for tea with family! It would have been far too easy today to say to myself “well whats the point? I’ve spoilt it now by having takeaway lastnight and with my plans tomorrow. Sticking to plan today isn’t going to make any difference”. But instead I have decided that every day sticking to plan counts and even if my plans stop me losing weight, sticking to plan in between may just stop me having a gain at least! Plus, Monday (weigh-in) is approaching really fast; it makes such a difference knowing you are gonna have to stand on those scales you know lol.

So come on now, we can do this!! It is really, really tough trying to lose weight. Don’t beat yourself up for treating yourself every now and again.

Deborah x


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